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Coastal and Marine

Coastal and Marine

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Equatorial Guinea

Capital: Malabo
World Bank Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
World Bank Income level: Upper middle income
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Land area (km2): 28,050 (2007)
Population (people): 665,798 (2007)
Population density (people per km2 land area): 23.74 (2007)
Population growth (annual): 3.1% (2007)
Life expectancy at birth (years): 55 (2007)
Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births): 86 (2007)
GDP per capita, PPP (current international $): $41,745.17 (2007)
GDP growth (annual): 15.3% (2007)
Key Statistics & Quick Links: Coastal and Marine
Total area of Exclusive Economic Zone 0-200 nautical miles (km2): 309,098 (2014)
Marine protected area (% of Exclusive Economic Zone): 0.11% (2014)

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Marine Protected Areas over 100km2
Name WDPA ID (Link to DOPA) WDPA ID (Link to BIOPAMA) Area (km2) IUCN Management Category
Annobón 20269 20269 235 Not Reported
Caldera de Luba 313354 313354 511 Ib
Corisco y Elobeyes 313364 313364 478 Not Reported
Reserve Natural del Estuario del Muni 901294 901294 2627 Not Reported
Rio Campo 313361 313361 337 IV
Río Ntem o Campo 901295 901295 334 Not Reported
Marine Ecoregions
Name % of country covered % of ecoregion protected in country % of ecoregion protected worldwide % of ecoregion within country % country contribution to protection worldwide
Gulf of Guinea Central 4.26 3.51 2.08 15.66 26.5
Gulf of Guinea Islands 0.08 78.56 5.43 6.91 99.89