Status and Trends in the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States

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How to navigate this site

The ACP Observatory is best viewed in a modern browser and with a fast internet connection.


1) Country / theme pages

The information in the ACP Observatory is primarily organized by country in a number of themes. To access this information, users need to first select a country of interest.


Selecting and switching between countries

There are several ways how to access the information for a specific country:

  1. Via the country links on the homepage
  2. Via the country links on the regional pages (Regions menu)
  3. Via the “Select a Country” field at the top right of each theme page

If the country pages are accessed from the homepage or the regional pages, the user will always be directed to the Land & Inland Water theme first (see below for how to change themes).


Selecting and switching between themes

The themes (e.g. Land & Inland Water) are accessible from links at the bottom of all country pages. Once a user has selected a country and then switches between themes, the theme pages will always show the information for this country, until the user selects a new country (see above for how to change countries).


Tips for using the theme pages

The theme pages include various content blocks. Some of the blocks can be collapsed / expanded by clicking on the little triangle in the top right corner. Small rectangular ‘info’ buttons should include source information and links to external data sources for the various indicators shown. Users can hover their mouse pointer over the blue icons at the top of each theme page to find out more about JRC work in this thematic area.

The data for many of the indicators shown in charts and tables can be downloaded as CSV files. Where such download functionality does not yet exist, users are encouraged to copy-paste the information of interest into their application, or to take screenshots.

Each theme page includes a map viewer with a preselected set of map layers relevant to the theme. Users can enable and disable map layers using the tick boxes in the Map Layers box. Map layers are drawn on top of each other in reverse order as they are shown in the Map Layers box. To see the Map Legend for the selected map layers, users need to (re-)click on the map.

The map can be viewed in full-screen mode by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the map (another click on this icon reverts back to the previous view). The map controls on the left allow the user to switch to a global view, change the center of the map, or zoom in and out. The map can always be re-centered on the selected country by clicking on the “Re-center Map” button below the map.


2) Other pages

In addition to the country / theme pages, the ACP Observatory currently includes a simple news feed (Homepage) and events feed (Events menu), a short overview of the ACP regions (Regions menu), and information on data sources, publications and web links (Resources menu). There is also information about the ACP Observatory itself, the ACP Group of States and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission that maintains the ACP Observatory (About menu). The use of all these pages should be self-explanatory but please contact us if you have any difficulties.


3) Feedback

We welcome everyone’s feedback on the ACP Observatory. Please use our contact form to report problems, errors and omissions, and let us know of other relevant data, maps or indicators that should be integrated here.